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The Tomlinson Law Offices is an experienced and personable Norcross and Alpharetta personal injury law firm that is dedicated to protecting the rights and property of Atlanta citizens. Lead by Attorney Gordon Tomlinson and with over 10 years specifically in the Georgia legal system, Mr. Tomlinson has the knowledge and skills necessary to handle all forms of personal injury and accident cases regardless of how large or small the case may be. Mr. Tomlinson understands how catastrophic events like this can be for the victims and families involved and this is exactly why he has dedicated himself to not only providing strong and experienced representation, but also the compassionate and personal attention you and your loved ones deserve. For most clients, it is very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to get in touch with their attorneys which can cause even greater frustration and stress with an already tense situation. Mr. Tomlinson makes himself available to be constantly at your disposal, so that you can always know what is going on with your case and give you the peace of mind you sought when hiring an attorney.

When you have been injured because someone else was negligent or reckless, you have the right to fair compensation for your injuries.  We provide aggressive legal representation in order to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Don’t just accept what an insurance company or agent, or much less what another driver or party involved may tell you. Keep in mind that they all have an incentive, especially the insurance company, to get out of the situation with as little damage to their resources as possible. Most citizens involved in accidents and injury cases are provided with only a fraction of what is genuinely owed to them for their lost wages, recovery, scars and medical bills. It is important to remember that when you are already the victim of someone else’s negligence, that you should not be made their victim again through unfair compensation.

Personal Injury in Alpharetta, Georgia

If you have been in an automobile accident, it is important to call us as soon as possible.  We will deal with the insurance companies so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.  Although we have to be aggressive with the insurance companies, you will find that we are easy to talk to whenever you have any questions about your case.  We understand that every client is unique and we always focus on the specific needs and concerns of each client. This is why we are the fastest rising Norcross and Alpharetta personal injury lawyers you can hire. Call us today for a free consultation.

With years of experience representing those who have been injured in Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia, we have the experience necessary to obtain the fair compensation that you deserve.  We are experienced in settling serious motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, auto accidents, wrongful death claims and slip and fall injuries.

Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto accidents and automobile collisions are one of the most common occurrences for most citizens. For many, it is the first time they have even had to truly deal with the legal system of Georgia. You may be charged with a traffic violation yourself, placing the blame on you for an accident when you might have been the one that sustained serious injury. Don’t just allow the system and other parties involved to simply take advantage of your situation. You deserve to have your rights defended by an experienced and aggressive attorney who is prepared to make sure that you don’t get neglected in a process that can often forget about the true victims in a case.

Many people don’t even realize the rights that they have when dealing with an automotive accident in Atlanta. Just like with any other legal matter, it is critically important to have a proper Atlanta and Alpharetta personal injury lawyer with years of experience to explain what you can and cannot do in order to get the compensation you deserve. Whether you are at fault or not, you still need to have proper legal counsel on your side to demonstrate your case and the reasons why you are due compensation. Many times even your own insurance company may be required to pay for things that are often overlooked or neglected such as medical transport, towing, lost wages, rental car reimbursement and not to mention many of the other medical bills associated with an auto accident. All Georgia drivers are required to maintain current insurance on their vehicles for a reason, and that is to help protect the rights of everyday citizens such as yourself who often get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. Tomlinson has spent many years dealing with these types of cases and this allows him to bring experience from hundreds of similar clients to your legal matter right from the start. More importantly, he already understands that every one of these clients both past and present is a unique individual and he will treat you with the care and respect you deserve in this great time of need. Don’t rely on just anyone to determine the fate of your life, let a skilled and knowledgeable accident attorney help you get through this tough situation without fear or anxiety for what could happen.

When you choose a personal injury lawyer, it is important to feel confident in their ability to represent you and get the results you need. If you can’t trust the attorney speaking on your behalf then how can you trust them to get your fair compensation? How much can you trust an attorney that you can never get in touch with because they are too busy with other matters? You need an accident lawyer that is concerned with you and your needs and that is what Mr. Tomlinson has built his reputation upon. Accessibility to your attorney is critical, both for your peace of mind, but also for his ability to properly represent you in your case. Don’t let a law firm sheep herd you into accepting a standard decision that is less than what you deserve. Get an attorney that cares about your outcome and will place their own reputation on the line to fight for it. Contact Mr. Tomlinson today.

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The key to getting the results you deserve is having the right attorney on your side to get those results for you. When you hire The Tomlinson Law Offices, you can rest assured that you will be represented by the most experienced, educated, skilled, aggressive and compassionate attorney in the Atlanta area. Don’t wait for these events to transpire and regret what you should have done. Do what is best for you and your loved ones now and let Mr. Tomlinson help you. These events can be life changing and nobody else understands that and will fight for it harder than The Tomlinson Law Offices.

If you have been in an auto accident or personal injury case in Alpharetta or Atlanta, Georgia please contact an Alpharetta personal injury attorney from the Tomlinson Law Offices at 770.446.9776 or 404.271.7661. Mr. Tomlinson will provide you with the strongest and most personal legal representation available to help you get fair compensation!

The Tomlinson Law Offices proudly represent clients with personal injury and accident cases in the Alpharetta, Atlanta, Norcross and Dunwoody areas, as well as Fulton County, Cobb County and Gwinnett County.